How PGF is Helping in the Fight Against Covid-19

PGF is building the tools to see the invisible enemy, Covid-19, literally

The old saying of you have to see it to believe it; we are building the technology to do just that.
PGF Technology Group, a manufacturer of electronic PCBA for the Medical device Industry, is
working diligently to help save lives and bring light and vision to some of our darkest times of Covid-19.

The Technology Fighting Covid-19Box Build for Medical Industry to Detect Covid-19

We manufacture an advanced technology camera
that senses the most basic unit of light, i.e.
Photons are to be collected and amplified with
enhanced imagery to read the image.  PCR
technology is the heating and cooling of tiny
fragments of DNA.  DNA, through heating and
cooling, can duplicate itself.  The Camera detects
when the PCR machine has copied a sufficient
amount of DNA material which can then be used for
further DNA testing and identification.

PGF Assembly Innovation

PGF Technology manufactures all the electronic Printed Circuit Board assemblies,
Cables and Harness Assemblies for the SPOT Xplorer camera explicitly designed for Thermo Fisher to
be used in the rtPCR equipment looking for small strands of DNA.

Box Build for Covid-19 PurposesHow Can We Help Against Covid?

A new reality has set in with the rise of a
a vicious virus that took away some of our
dearest loved ones interrupted our daily lives
and devastated the livelihood of so many around
the world.  We stand united and proud to be
part of the solution to bring this nightmare to
an end.



For any project you may have, contact us, and let’s see how we can help!

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