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At PGF Technology Group, we first and foremost provide solutions to our partners and collaborators. In practice, we offer printed circuit board (PCB), cable, wire harness, and box build assembly. From the initial point of contact, the PGF team launches into action and carries the project to the finish line.


PCB Assembly

Unleash the potential of your electronic designs and witness expert assembly services that guarantee precision, reliability, and accelerated time to market for your products. Visit our PCBA Page today!

Cable Assembly

Unlock seamless connectivity, impeccable quality, and tailored solutions that cater to your unique wiring needs, empowering your projects with efficient and reliable transmission of signals and data. Visit our Cable Assembly Page today!
wire harness

Wire Harness Assembly

Experience the art of meticulous wiring, harnessing expertise, and streamlined integration, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and organization for your intricate electrical systems. Visit our Wire Harness Assembly Page today!
box builds

Box Build Assembly

Discover how our skilled team meticulously combines electronics, enclosures, and final assembly into a cohesive, ready-to-deploy product, delivering unparalleled functionality and seamless integration. Visit our Box Build Assembly Page today!

Jason Krajcovic | Engineering, Adaptive Materials Inc.

PGF Technology Group has proven to be a world-class supplier in the area of flexibility, commitment, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and quality of work.

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