Custom Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

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PGF Technology is a full-service solutions provider that will take your assemblies from prototype to full production. We produce wiring and cable assemblies, offer design services, and provide superior customer support to ensure each of our clients has a high-quality product that meets their needs. We offer customization options for cables, conductors, insulation, jacketing, and shielding materials. Our additional services include:

  • Design support and testing
  • Fabricating
  • Product development
  • Turnkey component assembly for hands-off project completion

With our experience in manufacturing and supply chain, we make sure we deliver a reliable and cost-effective product that meets our customers’ needs.


Our facility uses state-of-the-art equipment to process orders. We focus on high-quality production of cable and wiring systems that perform reliably in a variety of environments. Our finishing and assembly services include wire cutting, stripping, and terminating, as well as tin and solder services. We also offer specialized services such as hot stamping and labeling wires or cables, shrink tubing, and special packaging requests.

If your company wants unique finishing details or customized labeling, our team can also add custom colors, lacing, stamping, and circuit IDs to your products, along with custom labeling and bar coding on the packaging.

PGF Technology uses a combination of automation and manual assembly to produce high quality, complex parts. Our new machinery allows for fully automated wire processing for replicable results across larger production runs. Our equipment includes:

  • Schleunigers: Crimp Center 36S, Coax Strip 5300, Rotary Strip 2400, Unit Strip 2300, OmniStrip 9450, OmniStrip 9400, JS 8300, Multistrip 9480


PGF is committed to offering the highest quality products in the industry. We use quality principles throughout the company for improved manufacturing efficiency and effective delivery of customer products. Our team is built of problem solvers who are focused on continually driving improvements in quality, cost, and delivery. Our selection of products and services includes:

  • Coax Cables
  • Control Panel
  • Control System
  • Complex Cable Harness Assemblies
  • Electrical Manufacturing
  • General Cable Assembly
  • Harness Board Layout
  • Industrial Cable Assembly
  • Injection Molded Assembly
  • Molding/Potting
  • Power Cable Assembly
  • Ribbon Cable Assembly

PGF also offers design services for connectors, custom tooling, electrical systems, harness boards, and industrial cables.

Quality Cable and Wire Harness Assembly from PGF Technology

Our facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and our personnel are trained to meet IPC 620 Class 2 & 3 standards. Your orders will be completed in a high-quality facility with expert technicians. Products are also tested with the latest available equipment for complete reliability, including:

  • Multi-unit Easy Touch HiPot Cable Testers
  • Multi-unit Signature 5000 and Signature 1000 Testers
  • Cirris Machine

At PGF Technology, we work hard to ensure you have electrical components you can rely on. Contact us today to learn more about our custom cable and wire harnesses or request a quote to get started.

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