PCB Assembly

Finding the right Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) partner has always been a challenge in picking elements to sacrifice on price, delivery or quality.  It has never been a better time to join PGF and experience the difference.

Price: A cost saving driven philosophy is what truly brings PGF closer to its customers.  It is the approach that we, at PGF take, saving every penny from our customer’s product, is another additional product we can build.  This is a solid and unshakeable confidence our customers have that PGF is their partner of choice.

PGF Customers enjoy an open book policy for every part and every manufacturing process.  This is the only true approach that guarantees the best product value and cost competitiveness.

Delivery: On-time delivery is more than a promise; it is a reality at PGF.

Quality: Though price is what brings customers in; it is the quality that keeps them coming back.  At PGF quality is built in at every level.  Certified and continuously trained personnel to the highest J-Standards and IPC 610 & 620 coupled with providing the latest technology tools ensure quality is built-in from the grounds up.  PGF commitment to ISO-9001:2015 offers a piece of mind at every manufacturing process.

Time to move to PGF

A 35,000 square feet facility dedicated to the highest standard in the Electronic Manufacturing with static protection flooring.  We have expanded our full SMT high volume production line and added a new line dedicated to low volume and high mix projects.  In addition, new in-line and off line optical inspection and X-ray capability are simply a few of the added features and options, you, our customer can take advantage of to design in your upcoming product and be confident your EMS supplier can and will deliver.

So how does that help me, the customer, save money? Actually, this is the perfect time to move your current and new products to PGF.  We recognize the simple fact that we have abundant capabilities with plenty of capacity to fill.  We are offering the below program;

The process starts with guaranteed competitive pricing

  • PGF will pay for any PCB tooling, stencils and programming charges for any product moved to PGF. (contact us for more details)
  • PGF will purchase all related inventory material at current supplier for ease of transition.
  • PGF will maintain a guaranteed fix on labor for 18 months.

This is the time to make sure that all your products are of the highest quality, delivered on time and at an extremely competitive price.    If you are looking for cost reduction to your product, we will make sure to achieve it together.

Simply put, it is time to move to PGF!

The capability of being Solution Providers stems from years of experience and hard work.  It starts and ends with our people’s ability to anticipate the unforeseen problems and only accept perfection from our equipment.  Here is a small sample of our manufacturing capabilities;

  • Flex Assemblies,
  • Rigid Flex Assemblies,
  • Surface Mount
  • Through-Hole
  • Mixed Technology
  • Lead and Lead Free Assemblies

PGF has the expertise to place everything from a simple 1210 package size, a TH resistor to a fine pitch BGA and a 01005 package size.  Don’t hesitate to call upon PGF to help in any of the following;

  • Design and Layout Support
  • In Circuit and Functional Testing
  • Ionograph Cleanliness Testing
  • Test Development
  • Continuous Improvement Programs

PGF has the capability to meet all your production needs.  All of our production lines are fully automated from loading to unloading of PCBs and equipped with all the technology required for any demand.

  • Prototype Production Line; Dedicated for the Low Volume – High Mix
  • High Speed Production Line; Dedicated for the High Volume – Low Mix

What makes an EMS company unique is certainly not the equipment by itself.  However, it is also vital to have state of the art tools, machinery and equipment to allow the manufacturing of any proposed designs.  PGF customers can rest assured that their engineers can freely explore creative designs with the confidence that their EMS provider can deliver and make their vision a true reality.


Featuring some machinery:

  • Dek Horizons H01i, H02i
  • MyDatas MY100Sx10, MY 100SX14
  • Fuji NXT
  • BTU Paramax 100As Reflow ovens
  • Cyberoptics QX 500 AOI
  • Pillarhouse Jade Hadex Selective Solder
  • Glenbrook RTX113HV X-Ray
  • SE500-II SPI
  • Soltec Delta Wave Solder
  • Electrovert Aquastorm 200
  • Envirotronics-Burn-in Chamber
  • GenRad ICT
  • BGA X-Ray Verification Machine
  • In/off-Line Automated Optical Inspection Equipment
  • In-line two and three pole component testing
  • In Circuit and Functional Testing
  • Ionograph Cleanliness Testing
  • Temperature Cycling and Screening
  • IPC 610 & 620 Trained Personnel
  • IPC J-STD-001D Class 2 and 3 Trained Personnel
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification
  • Continuous Improvement Programs