Double-Sided PCB Assembly

Quality, Efficiency, & Reliability

At PGF Technology, we bring over 50 years of industry leadership in electronics manufacturing and serve clients in many industries. Our dedicated focus on quality, efficiency, and reliability ensures that our components, including double-sided PCBs, stand out in their performance and durability.

Double sided printed circuit boards

Common Uses

  • Cockpit instrumentation and control systems
  • Advanced digital camera systems and lighting control modules
  • Communication devices and control systems for unmanned vehicles
  • Advanced diagnostic equipment and patient monitoring systems
  • Complex machinery controls and automation systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Advanced automotive control units


Double-sided assemblies allow for more complex circuits without significantly increasing board size.

Double-sided, which consists of a non-conductive substrate placed between two copper layers, allows for more versatile and complex designs, making this type suitable for advanced electronic applications.

This assembly type provides improved connection options through both sides of the board.

This type is suitable for more complex devices in various industries than single-sided PCBs.

Why Work With PGF Technology?

  • Extensive Experience: With 54-plus years in the industry, PGF Technology has produced millions of PCB assemblies using both surface-mounted (SMT) and mixed technologies. We also offer many capabilities, including automated assembly, reflow, wave solder, selective solder, and hand insertion and soldering.
  • Rigorous Manufacturing Control: Each stage of the PCB assembly process undergoes stringent monitoring to ensure the highest quality. Our team assembles circuit boards in a controlled environment equipped with specialized ESD flooring and a state-of-the-art humidification system.
  • Commitment to Quality: Our products are American-made and thoroughly tested to ensure quality and compliance with industry standards. Our testing capabilities include in-circuit testing, automated optical inspections, solder paste inspections, and X-ray evaluations. We’re also ISO 9001-, ISO 13485-, and IPC 610/620 Class 2 & 3-certified.
  • Dedicated to Customer Success: PFG Technology focuses on reducing your time-to-market and lowering production costs. We also offer integrated services, tailored to your needs.
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