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Industries Served

We strive to go above and beyond our customer expectations here at PGF. Within that, we serve various industries, all with interesting and unique characteristics. We treat every customer with that same attitude and know that not all companies, products, or industries are the same. Below is a list of some of the fields that we serve. Whether a prototype build or a production run, we can meet your needs!

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Blast off to new heights of innovation by exploring PGF's aerospace industry page, where electronic assembly applications soar to celestial levels. With their out-of-this-world solutions, you'll rocket ahead of the competition and propel your aerospace projects to stellar success.
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Rev up your curiosity and drive to PGF's automotive industry page, where electronic assembly applications shift into high gear. With top-notch solutions, you'll cruise through cutting-edge technology and steer your automotive projects toward the finish line with precision and flair.
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Cameras & Lighting

Lights, camera, action! Get ready to illuminate your knowledge and capture the magic of electronic assembly applications at PGF's cameras and lighting industry page. From picture-perfect PCBs to brilliantly-wired harnesses, this page offers a captivating lens into the world of cutting-edge technology.
Charging hybrid EV. Charge battery of new electric vehicle. Green eco carbon free technology concept

Electric Vehicle

Don't miss the chance to charge up your knowledge and accelerate your understanding of electronic assembly applications at PGF's electric vehicle industry page. With their electrifying solutions, you'll be driven to explore the fast lane of innovation, sparking ideas that'll revolutionize the electric vehicle landscape.
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Industrial & Commercial

Step into the industrial and commercial world at PGF's industry page, where electronic assembly applications are the key to unlocking success. These electrifying solutions will power up your projects and spark the next step in your company's growth.
Electrical switch gear at Low Voltage motor control center cabinet in coal power plant. blurred for background.


Gear up for an electrifying experience by visiting PGF's mechanical industry page! From riveting PCBs to bolt-tight wire harnesses, their electronic assembly applications will set your innovation wheels in motion.
Surgeon using medical equipment in operating room of the hospital

Medical Devices

Don't wait for a check-up – head over to PGF's medical device industry page and experience a healthy dose of electronic assembly excellence. Their state-of-the-heart applications will pulse with precision, ensuring your medical devices perform with peak efficiency.


Attention, brave souls and tech enthusiasts! Prepare to embark on a mission that will electrify your senses and solder a connection with excitement. Our Military Page is not just a mere "byte" in the vast web universe; it's a powerhouse of PCB (Patriotic Circuit Board) ingenuity, Cable Commando prowess,...

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PGF Technology Group has proven to be a world-class supplier in the area of flexibility, commitment, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and quality of work.

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