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Behind The Group 

We are a contract manufacturer that assembles printed circuit boards, cables, wire harnesses, and box builds.

Established in 1970, PGF prides itself on guaranteeing unsurpassed quality, service, and highly competitive pricingOur commitment to technology is evident in our vast range of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.

What is unique about PGF? True partnershipFirstly, we are your solutions provider.

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Dr. Naji Gebara, CEO

PGF Technology Group, Inc.


Core Values 

In the most obvious sense, the right to be a solutions provider depends on whether or not a company provides solutions. This thought leads to the question, how does a company provide solutions? The aim is always to predict and prepare ahead of time so that when an obstacle arises, we have already cleared a path. For PGF, a focus on the core values lays out a solid base for our problem prevention process.

By creating priorities, our attention concentrates on the most pressing needs at any point in time.



Pledge to Customers


When interacting with our customers, the emphasis remains on their greatest priorities: product quality, speedy delivery, and reasonable prices. We constantly update our team and technology to remain a step ahead at all times. Pledging to successfully meet customer expectations takes a mix of discipline and confidence. Discipline to work hard and test our own capabilities. Confidence to put our assembly work up against any competitor and feel pride in our work. 


Our Facility 

Overall, our facility is fully equipped to assemble, test, and deliver your products. In detail, our Manufacturing Floor includes a Wire Processing Center, Cable & Wire Harness Assembly Work Stations, Electronic Manufacturing Floor, Quality Control, Shipping & Receiving, and Order Processing. For every step of assembly, our combination of automated and manual processes will satisfy!



Made in the USA

Since 1970, our company has been serving our Michigan partners as well as big names from around the world. As a Made in the USA Certified company, we build durable assemblies with American components. If you are ever in the area, come on in for a quick tour and learn even more about us!



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Download our eBook, Key Considerations for Medical PCB Assembly, or  The Shortcut to Success: A Road Map to PCBA Prototypes for overviews of the important considerations for assemblies!

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