Box Build Assembly

What is a Box Build Assembly?

A box build assembly incorporates the manufacturing of both cables and printed circuit boards. Box builds consist of a single enclosure holding various complex electromechanical components. The combination of PCB and cable manufacturing involves a process involving intricate design, production, and construction for each unit. Additionally, box builds include an immense opportunity for customization in size, wiring specifications, and enclosure fabrication. PGF Technology Group offers a wide selection of enclosure types ranging from weatherproof to plastic materials. PGF dedicates itself to ensuring high-quality services and proper assemblies for each project and partner!

Box Build Applications

Box build assemblies are utilized in a variety of different industries and for a multitude of purposes. In practice, box builds have many integral applications in the advancing world of technology and electronics. Whether the box build is large or small, its importance to growing fields and daily conveniences continues to increase exponentially. From computers to industrial machines, each application demonstrates an industry seeking the capabilities of box-build assemblies for critical purposes. 

Box Build Assembly Infographic


The growing dependency on computers increases the demand for box builds. Complex software requires immense wiring connections and electrical systems for the highest performance quality.

Aerospace and Defense

The highly critical aerospace field requires error-free and trustworthy devices such as design-specific box builds. To ensure the utmost safety, the aerospace industry requires proper box build enclosures and reliable electronic processes. 

Industrial Machinery

The necessity for high productivity and performance distinguishes the need for box build industrial electronic devices. For protection purposes, the addition of PCBAs and wiring guarantees smooth operation in environmentally stressful conditions. 

Data Cable

A data cable box build is a common assembly that greatly varies from project to project. With the immense selection in size, such assemblies are customized based on their intended location. Typically, larger data cable assemblies are found in sizeable buildings. For example, skyscrapers, hotels, and even substantial homes generally hold data cable box builds.

Environmental Protection 

The box build structure differs from traditional assemblies in that the cables and printed circuit boards are protected through a physical barrier. Additionally, the entirety of the box build can be found within the external box aiding in the assembly process. Yet, in some instances, the barrier safely protects its components from extreme weather conditions, abrasion, physical destruction, and oil.

PGF Excellence

PGF’s cross-trained and qualified personnel provide efficient and high-quality box build assemblies. A PGF partnership benefits customers in the vast opportunity for customization as well as simplifying the supply chain assembly. With professional knowledge in box build assembly, PGF can lower production costs by accessing lower-priced components. Additionally, with both cable and PCB expertise PGF can provide box build services under a single warehouse, decreasing overhead costs. As for a simplified supply chain, PGF assembles box builds entirely in-house, thus removing potential conflict points for customers. PGF is a solutions provider relieving customers of the unnecessary stress of logistics and manufacturing. Request a quote today and learn more about the ways PGF can assist in all box build assembly needs!

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