How to Choose the Right Core Values

The Core of the Solution

In the most obvious sense, the right to be a solutions provider depends on whether or not a company provides solutions. This thought leads to the question, how does a company provide solutions? The aim is always to predict and prepare ahead of time so that when an obstacle arises, we have already cleared a path. For PGF, a focus on the core values lays out a solid base for our problem prevention process.

By creating priorities, our attention concentrates on the most pressing needs at any point in time. You can’t worry about the next turn if there are blocks in your way at this one.

What Does “Core Value” Mean?

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a company that dictate behavior and guide goal-setting. Whenever evaluating progress, returning to the values allows for clear reflection on team performance, customer satisfaction, and overall improvement. They are described as “core” because they are the central and most important part of a business that every member should incorporate into their work. 

Another way to think about it is as a trail guide leading a group of hikers. The hikers are your team members, and the guide represents your core values. Throughout the hike, the guide will point you towards the best paths and rewarding views for the group to enjoy together.

On the other hand, if one of the tourists strays or hires their own personal guide, their path can look quite different from the rest…even potentially dangerous to the group as a whole. To avoid a member of your team from stepping into bear traps or tripping down the hill, setting a company standard allows each individual to engage with the guided hike in their own way.

What Are PGF’s Core Values?

As it stands, PGF has three main core values that lead us to success. In order, they are: 

1. Customers are our first priority.

2. Employees are treated like family. 

3. Machinery and equipment are constantly innovating. 

How Do You Choose the Right Core Values?

Now that we have established the purpose of picking company ideals, it’s important to peek into how to choose the right ones. After all, if an Electric Vehicle company had a value supporting the usage of fossil fuels, it would confuse potential customers and team goals. Firstly, the process of choosing starts with REST:

Core Values InfographicReflect on the Mission Statement. 

Think through how you want your company to change the industry and in what ways. All in all, our Mission Statement is very customer-based, focusing on providing high-quality products, on-time delivery, and competitive prices.

Establish a long list. 

Write out a list of words or phrases that echo the mission statement and how to achieve it. For instance, PGF established customer satisfaction, employee gratification, and constant innovation, along with others, as the main ways to adhere to our statement. 

Simplify into key phrases. 

Next, take the list and highlight the main takeaways. Then, remodel these choices into memorable, short mottos for team members and partners to easily remember. For us, this looked like taking customer satisfaction and turning it into Customers are our highest priority

Transition with the times. 

Finally, as your company grows, return to your values and assess with fresh eyes. New hires will also bring new perspectives, so listen to their ideas and thrive with them. Roughly, after every 5 or so years, you might consider sprucing up the goals of your company.

Using this method to determine core values allows you to REST easily, knowing that your group is headed toward that beautiful view. 

If you would like to experience the results of our values, we encourage you to contact us for your upcoming or current projects!

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