Box Build Assembly

What’s in the Box?

Box builds can be as simple as a container for a Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) or an entire cabinet of complex wire connections. Box Build Assembly providers specialize in assembling these components for their clients. At PGF Technology, we are dedicated to providing this essential service to our partners. Read on to learn more about box assemblies and see if we are the right service for you.



What is a Box Build Assembly?

Sometimes referred to as systems integration, box builds are enclosures for intricate electromechanical systems. Once the PCBA is produced, all the accompanying elements—cables, connectors, switches, sockets—are assembled in an enclosure. The box-building process includes design, production, and construction.
PGF Technology’s Box Build Assembly services include sub-assemblies, enclosure fabrication, wire harness routing, and more. We can meet custom requests to ensure your final box build meets or exceeds your requirements.

Parts of a Box Build Assembly

box assembly enclosures



The various parts of the systems integration must be housed in a compatible enclosure depending on the end application. This outer-layer acts as protection and organization of all the parts. It varies in size, thickness, shape, and environment-resistance levels for specific projects.

printed circuit board assembly

Circuit Board AssemblyPrinted Circuit Board Assembly

The electronic element of the Box Build Assembly comes from the PCBA. This piece acts as the brain of the application, allowing it to be programmable and customizable to various operations.

box assembly-wire connections


Wire Connections

The complex wire connections attach all the parts for a fully functioning integration. If the PCBA is the brain, the wires act as nerves connecting the assembly’s body.

box assembly-mechanical components

Mechanical ComponentsAdditional Mechanical Components

For different industries and functions, assemblers may add a variety of mechanical parts to complete the project. One example is a fan used for extra cooling of the system. With multiple customizations available, customers can design a unique application.


These are some of the critical applications of PCB box build assemblies.

  • Computers: All computers require some sort of PCBA box build, and some can be very complex. We handle this complexity with cross-trained workers who assemble designs efficiently and adequately.
  • Aerospace and defense: This industry demands reliable box builds for their core electronics, as errors can have catastrophic consequences. The provided enclosures and design specifications allow PGF to produce the customer’s vision and ensure safety.
  • Industrials: Industrial electronics require heavy-duty box builds to perform at a high level. We add PCBAs and wires effectively to operate and protect various elements with demanding environmental conditions.

Benefits of Proper Assembly

The following are key benefits of excellent Box Build Assembly services.

  • Lower production costs: Box Build Assembly specialists know the most efficient ways to wire and connect components, meaning they incur lower prices for these components. Using PGF, PCBA services, wire services, and Box Build Assembly are all provided by one partner, ultimately lessening overhead costs and time.
  • High quality: A good Box Build Assembly provider performs proper testing for each component to ensure your product functions to your specifications. With multiple testing methods for PCBAs, including Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), Automated Optical Inspection (API), X-Ray evaluation, and In-Circuit Testing, individual parts of the systems integration are reliable.
  • Simplified supply chain: Box Build Assembly technicians produce box builds so that clients do not need to worry about assembling the builds in-house. Using one partner for a turnkey application has lessened paper trails, contact lists, potential conflict points, and worries. With their supply chain simplified, customers can focus on their own core business.

Box Build Enclosure Types

Our team offers clients an array of enclosure and enclosure mount-varieties to select from, including:

  • Enclosure Types
    • Electrical
    • Explosion-proof
    • Metal
    • Plastic
    • Safety
    • Weatherproof
  • Enclosure Mount Types
    • Floor mount
    • Flush mount
    • Single-door
    • Double-door
    • NEMA-rated-1, 3R, 3S, 4, 4X, 6P, 12, 412/4 & 12, 13
    • Sloped top
    • Wall mount
    • Surface mount

Unique Capabilities from PGF Technology Group

Equal Resources for Cable / Wire Harness Assembly and PCB Assembly.

PGF can process wires, assemble harnesses, and build PCBAs at one facility. This distinction provides us with the unique opportunity to put together electromechanical assemblies, or box builds, for a turnkey application. Overall, this distinct business model allows us the flexibility to partner with many industries for highly customizable builds.

Why Partner with PGF Technology Group Inc.?

PGF Technology Group adheres to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality certifications. Our staff is trained in IPC 610 and 620 and IPC Class 2 and 3. In addition to our comprehensive Box Build Assembly services, we provide packaging, labeling, and barcoding. If your organization requires cost-effective and reliable Box Build Assembly services, contact us or request a quote today.

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