PCB Assembly Services for Industrial and Commercial Applications

Capabilities for Industrial & Commercial Applications 

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are in various commercial and industrial products in rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex designs. PCBs’ extreme complexity poses many challenges, making it crucial to source new circuit boards from reliable suppliers.

PGF Technology Group, Inc offers a wide range of PCB assembly services for industrial and commercial markets. We work with our customers to completely realize their designs, no matter how complex.



Printed Circuit BoardIndustrial/Commercial Industry Challenges

As PCBs become more widespread across different industries and applications, manufacturers have to face challenges ranging from increasingly stringent standards to increased demand. Some specific industry challenges include:

Consumer Demand and Time Constraints

PCBs, especially new custom designs, often require significant lead time. This need can delay the release of new products or order fulfillment.

Increasing Demand for High-Power Boards

High-power boards — or boards that operate at above 48 volts — are increasingly in demand. These PCBs can handle more power and more substantial components. They are in electric vehicles, battery packs, and other robust applications.

Fast-Developing Commercial Markets

As commercial markets adapt to using PCBs for a wide range of applications, the PCBs themselves become personalized and more diverse. This customization can cause strain for assembly companies as they struggle to diversify their capabilities.

More IoT and Open Communication PCBs

Nearly every industry is developing a standard Internet of Things (IoT). Commercial sectors use PCBs to power remote monitoring tools, displays, and more, but these boards need to handle feature-rich devices and security demands.

Regulatory PCB Requirements

Third-party manufacturers must produce PCBs that meet stringent regulatory standards. Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components help ensure that finished goods meet those standards. Rather than building their in-house components, individual businesses can purchase standard COTS components. Other regulatory concerns include:

  • EMC
  • Environmental Laws
  • Safety

Tight Supply Chain Controls

One of the most considerable challenges that devices continue to face is cybersecurity. Unprotected IoT devices or accessories with PCBs are targets for botnets, malware, and other security threats. Both market forces and consumer demand are leading to more oversight and demands for transparency.

Industrial/Commercial PCB Assembly Applications

Modern PCB assemblies are in various commercial and industrial applications across multiple sectors. Some of the most popular applications by industry include:

  • Aerospace. Flexible PCBs are light, compact, and built to withstand vibration. Applications include aerospace machinery in rockets and jets.
  • Automotive. Automotive applications for PCBs include radar electronics, sensors, car dashboards, navigation systems, safety tools, and more.
  • Electronics. Many consumer electronics have PCBs, and the same technologies — such as computers, phones, and appliances — are also used in commercial sectors.
  • Health. The small, lightweight design of PCBs enables increased functionality for medical devices, sensors and monitors, intelligent tools, and more.
  • Lighting. LED lighting fixtures use PCBs to enhance display power and custom lighting capabilities. One can find PCB LEDs in computer screens, visual displays in automotive dashboards and telecommunications systems.
  • Mechanical. The mechanical industry uses PCBs with thick copper components that can handle heavy power loads. These full boards are in measuring equipment, industrial power machinery, and other demanding applications.

Group of Circuit BoardsPCB Assembly Capabilities for Industrial/Commercial

Commercial and industrial markets rely on PCBs for various types of products and machinery. To suit the needs of multiple projects, we produce our PCB assemblies from a wide range of materials using either surface mount technology (SMT), through-hole assembly, or mixed-technology applications. We use state-of-the-art equipment and ensure adherence to strict industry standards, providing high-quality PCBs for large and small assemblies.

To suit other commercial and industrial needs, we also offer the following capabilities:

  • Cable and wire harness assemblies. We specialize in a wide range of wire and cable assemblies, including data link assemblies, motor cables, power cables, C-Tracks cables, D-Subminiature, sensor cables, potting applications, and more.
  • Box Build – Panel and Enclosure Assembly. We offer a complete turnkey solution for all box build applications and Panel and Enclosure wiring that meet all UL, NEC, and JIT standards.  A UL 508A certified approval is available.

Choose PGF Technology for PCB Assembly Services

PCBs play an increasingly important role in nearly every sector, so it’s crucial to partner with a trusted provider of PCB assembly services. At PGF Technology, we have extensive experience working with various complex industries to produce high-quality PCB assemblies. For more information about our capabilities or to get started on your next project, request a quote today.

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