PCB Assembly Services for Automotive

PCB Assembly for Automotive Applications

PGF Technology Group has provided high-quality, competitively priced printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) for over 50 years. One of the key markets we serve is the automotive industry. 



The Role of PCB Assemblies in Automobiles

Throughout the years, electronic elements have become increasingly essential to the function and operation of automobiles. Some top-of-the-line models house more than 200 electronic control units, aiming to improve vehicle performance concerning operator experience, operating efficiency, and operational safety. As a critical component of nearly every electronic device and system, PCBs used in the automotive industry must be designed and constructed carefully to ensure they meet performance goals and relevant industry standards.


Car DashboardApplications of PCB Assemblies in the Automotive Industry

PCB assemblies are found in a variety of automobile devices and systems, including, but not limited to:

  • Automotive communication devices provide drivers with information such as safety warnings or traffic patterns. They typically use flexible, multi-layer, and HDI PCBs.
  • Dashboard communication systems provide drivers with information about vehicle conditions or performance. They typically use flexible, multi-layer, and HDI PCBs.
  • Electrical battery charging stations enable drivers to charge electric vehicles. They typically use PCBs with high current capacities.
  • Engine system/transmission controls monitor engine/transmission systems to ensure efficient and safe conditions. They typically use metal-core or rigid-flex PCBs.
  • HVAC systems allow drivers to adjust temperature and airflow conditions within the vehicle. They typically use single-layer or double-layer PCBs.
  • Security systems prevent vehicle theft by providing auto-lock or remote locking capabilities and sounding an alarm if a potential theft is detected. They typically use flexible, multi-layer, and HDI PCBs.
  • Self-driving vehicles drive with little to no human driver involvement. They typically use HDI PCBs.
  • Vehicle power controllers balance the flow of energy within an electric vehicle. They typically use embedded PCBs.
  • Navigation systems provide drivers with location information and directions. They typically use embedded PCBs.

PCB Assembly Challenges Faced in the Automotive Industry

Manufacturers in the automotive industry face a variety of challenges when designing and building their parts and products. Many of these potential issues can apply to the printed circuit board assembly components, such as:

  • Vehicle specialization. Automobiles are becoming more and more specialized. As a result, automobile components often require non-standard designs, which may come at a higher cost.
  • Energy considerations. Increased sustainability awareness has led to a rise in demand for hybrid and electric vehicles. As a result, the industry is experiencing a need for more advanced power transmission and control systems with better functionality and efficiency.
  • Environmental conditions. Automotive components often encounter harsh conditions, such as high temperatures, fluctuating pressures, and strong chemicals. PCBs must be able to withstand these conditions without loss of performance.
  • Industry standards/regulations. Automotive manufacturers must comply with numerous requirements and restrictions when making their products. All components, including the PCBs, must meet relevant standards to ensure functionality, safety, and environmental friendliness.
  • Weight/space limitations. The demand for better fuel efficiency has led many automotive manufacturers to reduce the size and weight of various components. By utilizing multiple layers, improving board density, and reducing areas and thicknesses, manufacturers can create smaller and lighter PCBs without sacrificing performance.

Partnering with the right PCBA supplier can help you overcome these challenges.


Navigation SystemPCBA Solutions for the Automotive Industry at PGF Technology Group

Need printed circuit board assemblies for your automotive project? The experts at PGF Technology Group are here to help!

We can provide high-quality PCB assemblies to customers in the automotive industry and beyond. Equipped with extensive experience manufacturing PCBAs, we have what it takes to overcome our customers’ challenges and deliver an appropriate solution. In addition to our PCBA capabilities, we also offer custom cable, wire harness, box-build, and custom enclosure assembly services.

For additional information about our PCB assembly capabilities and how we can advance your automotive manufacturing project, contact us today. To discuss your PCBA requirements with one of our team members, request a quote.

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