Everything to Know About EV Battery Box Build Services

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Everything to Know About EV Battery Box Build Services

Battery cells in electrical vehicles (EVs) require EV battery boxes for protection and enclosure. This battery facilitates the vehicle’s ignition, optimum functionality, and control over the vehicle’s electrical components. The battery box or case also comes with unique design elements and sizes, depending on the needs of each application, in the form of a custom EV battery box build.

EV Battery Box Build Process

The specific building process for an EV battery box build varies according to the manufacturer’s process and the designated battery box type. The build process involves the following general steps:

Drawings, Specifications, and Requirements

The build process starts with the generation of a bill of materials (BOM), which indicates every required element in the manufacturing process. Clients often provide us with key components like a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and others, while we complete the build process by contributing parts such as washers, bolts, and screws. Specifying all required components in the BOM from the start can help keep the manufacturing process efficient and on time.

Quotation and CAD Drawings

Following the creation of the BOM and determining all essential details, we send an accurate quote to the client. Based on the sketch drafted from the details of the project, we then develop a computer-aided design (CAD) drawing and send it to the client for approval.


We will use the approved CAD drawing to guide the production process for the EV battery box build. At PGF Technology, we use a combination of innovative technology, such as cable processing and automated wire tech, combined with skilled manual work to complete the manufacturing process. Additionally, we have the ability to integrate all of our services to provide our partners with a custom turnkey solution. Our clients have initially come to us for basic cable assemblies in many cases, eventually turning to us for custom battery box builds as we have expanded our capabilities in this area.


To help ensure every box build functions the way our client needs it to, we conduct thorough testing before completing the build. PGF provides clients with any type of product configuration and software loading solution needed. In the process, we conduct many types of tests, including burn-in and in-circuit tests that gauge the reliability of each build in its designated environment.

Our Capabilities

As a dependable Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) company, PGF provides clients with numerous in-house manufacturing capabilities that set us apart from other manufacturers. In addition to battery box builds, we have developed high-quality custom cables and harness assemblies for over 50 years. To complete every project, we use the latest developments in manufacturing processes, equipment, and machinery.

To help successfully complete every project for our clients, we employ a comprehensive surface mount technology (SMT) production line specially designed for prototyping various high-mix and low-volume products. To complement this system, we also provide our clients with low-mix and high-speed SMT production lines.

Out of a single facility, we can assemble harnesses, manufacture PCBAs, and process wires, enabling us to develop a turnkey solution by constructing electromechanical assemblies. In turn, we have the flexibility needed to provide custom builds for clients in nearly any industry.

Our list of specific capabilities and requirements includes the following:

  • Box assembly and fastening system processes
  • A range of materials for radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding solutions
  • Various options for EV battery enclosures
  • Frame technology processes that help improve crash performance

EV Battery Box Builds by PGF Technology

When seeking an EV battery box build for your application, PGF Technology will help you put together the ideal turnkey solution based on your unique requirements. We will work closely with you to determine what you specifically need and use our innovative in-house technology and processes to provide you with a reliable build that works as intended. 

Want to learn more? Contact a member of our team for more information about our solutions.