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  1. Looking to Move Your Assembly?

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    Need better service?

    Need a better quality

    Contract Manufacturer?

    PGF has a new “Make It Easy” Incentive Program

    PGF would like to help to make transferring your assembly to a new contract manufacturer Easy!

    To do this, PGF will offer to absorb the cost of the programming and the stencil on your project, allowing you to move without paying for the tooling over again.

    Enquire today with our sales staff to see if your project will qualify for the “Make It Easy” incentive program.



    You no longer have to contemplate the extra tooling cost to move your board assembly to another manufacturer. We have taken that right out of the equation.


    PGF Technology Group, Inc. can handle your project from prototype to production.

    We are constantly updating and adding to our assembly lines to provide outstanding quality craft and increase capacity to make these offers.


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