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Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are an important component of many electronic devices. However, one defect or mishap during manufacturing can derail an entire production run, causing expensive delays, scrap, or rework. The best way to ensure that your products function as expected is by investing in a PCB Assembly prototype.

PGF is a PCB Assembly prototype manufacturer that specializes in the low-volume, high-mix market. This makes us uniquely capable of producing high-quality prototypes that allow you to test your concept thoroughly and make any necessary changes before producing it on a large scale.

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What Is PCB Assembly Prototyping?

A PCB Assembly prototype is a sample that gives engineers, manufacturers, and design teams a way to test the functionality of their concept before final production. Many projects allocate time and a limited budget to create multiple PCB Assembly prototype runs when developing complex designs or deciding between design options. There are several PCB Assembly prototyping variations, including:

  • Visual models. The visual model is usually the very first PCB Assembly prototype in the design process. They exhibit the overall structure and shape of the component easily and affordably.
  • Proof-of-concept. A proof-of-concept prototype is meant to prove the viability of the design. It demonstrates the primary functionality of the PCB Assembly without replicating the full range of capabilities.
  • Functional prototype. This type of PCB Assembly prototype is meant to accurately represent the final product using basic materials to keep costs reasonable.
  • Working prototype. The working prototype is a fully functional component meant for testing. Since it has all the features and capabilities of the final board, it can be tested for defects or weaknesses .

Benefits of PCB Assembly Prototyping

Prototyping PCB Assembly provides many benefits. By allowing designers, engineers, and manufacturers to test at each step in the design phase and make any necessary adjustments therein, prototyping provides the opportunity to optimize the product before the final production run.

Additional benefits of PCB prototyping include:

  • Ability to test individual components. Isolating individual components allows testers to pinpoint exactly where failures occur.
  • Manufacturing assistance. Using a third-party PCB Assembly prototype manufacturer allows for an objective view of the design. This prevents common mistakes that can happen when companies keep the full design process in-house, such as losing track of design best practices, having narrow experience in only a specific type of PCB Assembly, or missed flaws due to other limitations.
  • Proven accuracy and reliability. A high-quality prototype proves your PCB’s accuracy and reliability through initial design, functionality, condition, and final product testing.
  • Reduced costs. Finding design issues early in the process and correcting them before production saves money. Reworking defective components is much easier and cheaper than scrapping an entire production run.
  • Shortened timeline. By using PCB prototypes, you can visualize the final product and test the features, functionality, and design so that you can quickly implement changes. This can prevent the risk of significant schedule delays due to complete redesigns and additional production runs.

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Prototyping Services From PGF Technology Group

When you work with PGF Technology Group, you can expect a collaborative partnership with an industry-leading PCB Assembly prototype manufacturer. Many of the PCB Assembly Prototypes require additional wire processing, cable assemblies and in some instances a complete box build capabilities, Using us for your PCB Assembly prototype services allows you to leverage a powerful time and cost-saving tool for ensuring a superior final product. We offer:

  • Reliable prototyping services
  • Low volume PCBA prototypes
  • Accurate PCBA quoting
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Bill of Material Analysis Review
  • Production feasibility study
  • Component cross reference evaluation
  • Detailed component cost analysis
  • Reduction in the need of multiple prototype Assemblies
  • Adhere to budget cost minimizing tooling and Non-Recurring-Expenses
  • Provide report of future components End-of-life or Obsolescence

PCB Assembly prototyping is a crucial step in the PCB manufacturing process, allowing designers to visualize and test the final product and incorporate any necessary changes before production.

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