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ISO:13485 Benefits

What is ISO 13485? ISO 13485 is a medical device manufacturing certification that ensures customers of the regulations and procedures necessary for product development. This certification applies to the medical industry manufacturing of wire and cable connectors, surface mount and through-hole printed circuit boards, cable, wire processing, wire harness, and panel wire assemblies. Accordingly, issued […]

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Cables vs. Wire Harnesses

Cables and Wire Harnesses: What’s the Difference?

What Is the Difference Between a Cable Harness Assembly and a Wire Harness Assembly? Cables and wire harnesses are both responsible for supplying electrical components with power, organizing cables and wires to optimize space, and providing them with some manner of protection from environmental conditions. Despite their functional similarities, however, these assemblies are not interchangeable. […]

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CEO Success Series

Question #1: CEO Series

Question #1: Please describe some of Naji Gebara’s traits that have helped the organization succeed. Naji Gebara’s industry knowledge, constant-learning ambition, and forward-thinking mentality have helped PGF excel in the electronic manufacturing industry. Every year, following his lead, brings further growth and aspirations for the long PGF road ahead. With each project and this “CEO […]

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Edge of Technology

Why Is It Important to Be on the Edge of Technology?

Scenario: You are searching for a manufacturer on the edge of technology to partner with for your new PCB assembly project.  Company A and B both offer low volume, high mix capability for PCB assemblies. Company A has the most effective technology to perform highly replicable automated processes alongside manual assembly. At the same time, […]

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Core Values

How to Choose the Right Core Values

The Core of the Solution In the most obvious sense, the right to be a solutions provider depends on whether or not a company provides solutions. This thought leads to the question, how does a company provide solutions? The aim is always to predict and prepare ahead of time so that when an obstacle arises, […]

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EV Power Cables

“EV”erything to Know About EV Power Cables

Charging Up Electric Vehicles (EVs) are quickly charging up in the ranks as one of the most important innovations to watch in the coming years. Presently, the push to pump the breaks on CO2 emissions starts with determining the most significant contributing factor: gas-powered automobiles. Therefore, this “rEVolution” means assembling powerful components to ensure performance, […]

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Parts of a PCBA

Parts of a Printed Circuit Board Assembly

The “A” in PCBA Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) are electronic assemblies responsible for connecting the electrical components of a system or device. Their applications range from everyday staples such as smartphones to complex custom box build assemblies. The difference between a PCB and PCBA is the A – Assembly of components to the board. […]

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Design for Medical PCBA

Design for a Medical PCB Assembly

Playing the Game When it comes to medical devices, no average or sub-par printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) is going to cut it! In this live-action game of Operation, the consequences are real, and the assembly is accountable. As a premier manufacturer of printed circuit boards, PGF Technology Group fully understands the importance of proper […]

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Component Shortage Blog

When Component Shortage Fails You…Here’s How to Succeed!

*Editor Note: The component shortage has severely affected our lead times for project completion. As always, we are committed to customer satisfaction and the goal of on-time delivery; however, we are forced to operate within the restrictions of the supply chain. For further inquiry about this ongoing issue, please contact us.    When Component Shortage […]

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