Why PGF?

Mission Statement

To maintain a strong drive achieving unsurpassed service and exceeding our customer’s expectations by providing high-quality products and services, on-time delivery and at a competitive price.

Unrivaled Customer Focus

We strive to establish a long-term relationship with our customers based on mutual respect, trust, and loyalty. Our customer-focused operating philosophy singles PGF out from the rest by getting past the industry rhetoric and buzz words.

Our company specializes in printed circuit board assemblies, custom cables and wire harnesses, and panel and enclosure wiring. Our manufacturing capabilities range from prototypes to high production quantities. It is without a doubt that our commitments to on-time delivery and superior quality have earned us the admiration of our customers. Our competitive pricing and continuous cost-saving measures have been the cornerstone of our growth in gaining new customers.

Diversity in Manufacturing Product Capabilities

efficiency graphicA unique aspect for an Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) company is to provide a wide range of manufacturing capabilities under one roof. PGF has shown the ability to provide such services at a higher level of manufacturing capabilities.

PGF has dedicated a complete SMT production line for the sole purpose of prototype applications for the low volume and high mix products. Additional high-speed low mix SMT lines are available to our customers to carry their products to market.

Furthermore, PGF has been providing various custom cables and complex harness assemblies since 1970. The wire assembly capabilities are also a main focus for PGF manufacturing services utilizing the latest machinery, equipment, and technology in the manufacturing processes.

Contact us and experience the difference it makes having a customized team of experts working together to meet your current and future electronics manufacturing needs!

Additional Services

Our distribution services complement our printed circuit board, cable assembly and wire harness, and panel and enclosure wiring capabilities. These services, combined with a working inventory of wires, cables and connectors, gives our customers the much-needed flexibility to choose from a wide range of product lines to meet their requirements at a competitive price.

Acclaimed Infrastructure and Expertise

Our Purchasing, Sales, and Manufacturing Departments are top-notch in the industry. Our Purchasing Department utilizes a wide array of screened and qualified vendors to find the parts you require at the best price. You spec it…we’ll find it!

Our Sales Department is quick to respond and ready to field any questions or concerns you may have! Our Manufacturing Department is skilled and capable of building your job quickly and correctly! We pride ourselves on the fact that our on-time delivery is more than a promise – it’s a reality!

Our machinery and equipment are the best in the industry of the latest technology giving our customers the free hand to design any requirement for their product. You design it …. We’ll make it!

Key Considerations for Medical PCB Assembly

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Key Considerations for Medical PCB Assembly

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